Our latest game ZhiZhu! ​is based on one of the world's most ancient games, Nine Men's Morris (Merells). This was a game that spread across the world from the time of the Ancient Egyptians and went under many different names. The founder of 3-4-5 Games, Dahmane Dahmani, knew this game as El Felja while growing up in his native village Ath Saidha, Bejaia, in Algeria. 

3-4-5 Games' first game, was a collaboration between the father and son team of Dahmane and Yanni Dahmani. They felt that the classic game of dominoes was falling out of favor with young, modern players, and wanted to revitalize it for a new generation. The dominoes adaptation became ZINGAMINO (changed to Zinga-Zinga for the International Edition). Taken from Swahili, the word Zinga means to turn in circles, and that’s just what players do in a race to fill four circles that must connect sequentially. The luck of the draw can bring a “Zinga” for extra points or even the win. What goes around comes around in a beautiful balance of strategy and chance.

   Zinga Holders (set of 4)

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These holders (set of 4) will help you better handle the Zinga's during the Zinga-Zinga game.