LZG Games & Toys


LZG Games & Toys is a California company started and managed by a family team (a Father, a son, and twin daughters) developing and marketing Board Games and Toys based on ancient games and toys that were played in the past all around the world.

We specialize in a new niche market by developing, marketing, selling and licensing games and toys that are inspired and based on Ancient Games and Toys.

We start with these old and most probably forgotten games and toys, add a modern twist (such as new features, changes to the way to play the game or change to the look and feel..) to them and then bring them to market.

We travel all around the world to discover these ancient games and toys, do a deep dive research on the origin, the way n they were played and then reinvent them by adding a modern twist…

Our derived games and toys provide an excellent environment where families, friends and loved ones get together for a lot of fun, laughter, enhanced strategic and life skills.

​"Ancient Games with a Modern Twist!"

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