Our Story

3-4-5-Games’ story and began in 2003 as part of a young boy’s elementary school project. This boy, Yanni Dahmani, came up with a novel way to teach US geography through a game he called Vamanos To America  (Let’s Go to America). The game was enjoyed by Yanni’s classmates and his father, Dahmane, a former Intel engineer. Seeing how innate games were to childhood development, learning and pleasure, Dahmane became interested in developing more games that the whole family could enjoy together. Soon after, they realized that the classic game of Dominoes was no longer very interesting to the average modern player, yet still retained something in its foundation that was attractive and intuitive to learn. The father and son decided that their first project together would be to update Dominoes, which led them on a journey they never expected to find themselves on…   READ MORE

Yanni (12 years old) and Dahmane Showing their first version of the New Domino Game ZINGAMINO to the Sacramento Bee Newspaper, May 2006

Our new company 3-4-5 Games company went through several names changes since the first name of " Zingamino, LLC" launched in December 2006. 

The picture on the left is of the LZG-Games, LLC team in 2017 when my twin girls Annya and Katia joined our company...

Our Future

3-4-5-Games is now dedicated to searching the world for the games our ancestors played. We are looking for those great games that are on the verge of being forgotten. When we find one we will carefully log and research the history and the culture that surrounds it. We will also play it over and over to comprehend what about it calls to our basic needs for strategic competition. Then, if we decide that it's a game we can help revive through adaptation, we will take that game's foundation and develop a new version that interprets it for a modern generation. 

Do you know of an ancient game you think should be adapted?  


​​Why We Make Games

​Playing games is in our DNA. It is how we learn as children, how we socialize as adults, and how we keep our minds sharp in our later years. Games come in endless forms and levels of difficulty, but there are very few games left that people can truly connect with and understand the moment they begin to play them. When people do come across this kind of game, most of them understand it very quickly, and it just feels natural. The problem is, many of these kinds of  games have disappeared, gone out of fashion, or are on the verge of being forgotten...   READ MORE